Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Book Review: DARK TIDE (Waterfire Saga #3) - Jennifer Donnelly

Young Adult/Fantasy  

I am a fan of Jennifer Donnelly. My daughter started reading the WaterFire Saga and insisted I read it, too. I just finished Book 3, Dark Tide. (And just ordered the 4th book in the series). Dark Tide picks up where Rogue Wave left off.

The five mermaids selected by Baba Vraja are still art it, searching for the ancient talismans necessary to defeat keep the underwater realms safe. Problem is Mfeme (Orfeo) is after the same magical objects. He will stop at nothing to get them. Once this all-powerful mage has the relics he will free Abbadon, and unleash darkness and endless torment on all of the sea creatures.

Sera, now leader of the Dark Fins, is not giving up. She has amassed an army of over 20,000. Her problems increased by as many, because she must figure out how to train, and feed, and keep secret the legion under her command. In the Karjord she is doing her best to turn the numbers in her favor. But what she really needs is a reunion with the other mermaids! Together their power is more powerful!

Magic makes trusting anyone a liability. Who is who they say they are? How can anyone be sure?

The race is on. The dangers are real. The enemy is around every corner! The war is coming. There can only be one victor. . . and the book ends.

Great pacing. Awesome characters. Such an original tale (tail, lol)! I wish Disney would make an animated series, or movies from these books! Can't wait for Book 4 to land at my doorstep!

Phillip Tomasso
Fantasy author of The Severed Empire Series

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