Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Book Review: TOO WILD TO TAME - Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey
Too Wild to Tame (Romancing the Clarkson's #2)
Contemporary Romance

“If you spend the night underneath me, you’ll wear your satisfaction like a billboard baby.”- Aaron

Whoa right?!?! When you read Tessa Bailey you expect hot, steamy, sexy, naughty and everything in between. That quote from Aaron is one of many that shows Too Wild to Tame does not disappoint in that department.

Dirty talking Aaron’s depth was a pleasant surprise however. I was expecting Aaron to be a cocky, egotistical, typical politician type. Don’t get me wrong he definitely was in the beginning but then he was blindsided by one of my favorite Tessa characters to date, Grace.

Grace is a wild child who doesn’t fit the typical cookie cutter mold she is expected to fit into given where she comes from. I loved watching Aaron and Grace dance around each other throughout the book and seeing how each of them brought out hidden qualities in the other (including Aaron's hidden Alpha side which honestly no man should ever hide that side! Just saying).

The depth of the characters and the development of their stories as the book goes on really made this book a little different from other Tessa books but in a very good way! Excited to meet the next Clarkson sibling!

Eliza Wise is a Travel Planner, and mother of 4 school age kids who started reading as an escape from reality and is now an active member of the Indie Romance Community.

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