Saturday, November 12, 2016

Book Review: DARK GODS OF ALTER TELLURIA - Barton Paul Levenson

Barton Paul Levenson
Barking Rain Press

Barton Paul Levenson's DARK GODS OF ALTER TELLURIA is a taut, tense fantasy thriller. Levenson wastes little time getting into the meat of the tale. We're quickly introduced to college professor, Milo Standford. The astrophysicist believes he has it all. A wonderful woman, a job he enjoys . . . the world in his pocket. That is, until he receives devastating news and wonders off during a bizarre thunderstorm.

In an almost Wizard of Oz fashion, Milo wakes up in another realm. Perhaps one parallel to our own. Modern technologies do not exist. He is inside a castle, where Sania, Mistress of Lake Gulia rules at Highview Castle. Perceived as an interesting character, and immune to Sania's rituals, the Mistress spares Milo's life.

Mingling with the scholars of the realm, Milo proves himself worthy, making Sania . . . happy she had not killed him.

It isn't long before things get turned around again. Just when Milo began adopting to the new world, accepting his life, his role in the unknown universe, an evil wizard abducts the Mistress. All hope is lost, chaos ensues. Only Milo can save Sania!

Despite his initial put-offish mannerisms, Milo resigns to the role of hero. With so many odds against him, Milo fears the rescue mission is so impossible that not only might he fail attempting to save Sania, but could he also lose his own life trying?

Levenson has crafted a fast-read story. It is both engaging, and entertaining. The plot is solid, and the characters believable. The dialogue is nicely done. The novel is nicely paced, and the action peppered in perfectly! DARK GODS OF ALTER TELLURIA was well worth the read!

Phillip Tomasso,
Author of The Severed Empire series, and
The Vaccination Trilogy

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