Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Book Review: ALCATRAZ vs the Evil Librarians

Brandon Sanderson
Tor Books
Adventure / Fantasy / YA

Everything in this book is lies! All of it. Some of it. Oh, heck, parts of it. Some of the important parts, and the not-so-important parts. You know what? At this point, I am not sure I can differentiate what actually happened, or didn't happen. But then, I am from the Hushlands, and clearly ruled by the Librarians.

As far as that goes . . . so are all of you! And in that case, you will love this book, and enjoy the confusion it is bound to bring. So much so, that when you are dizzy in the head, the idea of rutabagas, coconuts and cantaloupes will all make sense. (Maybe. Okay, probably not).

Imagine this. You are an orphan. On your 13th birthday you get a delivery. It's a box. Inside the box is a bag of sand. For what it's worth, it's from your Dad. You've been in over a dozen foster homes. Your Dad is supposedly dead. How did the package find you?

After nearly burning down your foster parents' kitchen, it's time for you to move again. Only, when you think the case worker sent someone to transfer you from this residence to the new place you'll call home, it is instead your grandfather, Leavenworth. He wants the bag of sand. It is known as the Sands of Rashid.

And he wants you, because you are bound to save the Free Kingdoms from the Librarians.

This is the reality Alcatraz Semdry is thrust into. As a boy with an amazing talent (because all Semdrys have talents), breaking things is considered powerful. (Leavenworth has the talent of arriving late).

The bag of sand is in the hands of the evil, sinister Dark Oculator. And if the Semdrys don't recover the sand in time it will be used to create lenses with amazing power. Those in control of the lenses will win the war! With a close-knit team, the Semdrys must infiltrate the Library, without getting caught, without getting killed, and find a way to say the Free Kingdoms from being overrun!

Brandon Sanderson has created a young reader adventure that is bound to capture the heart of millions and millions of readers! Captured mine, anyway. Alcatraz is an awesome character. However, his grandfather, and cousins, and the knight, Bastille are equally awesome. The action is fun, and fast. The plot is compelling, and just dark enough. I see there are at least four more books in this series. I will be reading them. With relish!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire Series, and
The Vacination Trilogy

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