Thursday, November 24, 2016

Book Review: KILLING MAINE, by Mike Bond

Mike Bond
Mandevilla Press
Suspense / Thriller

There was a time when all I read were books by James Patterson, and Lee Child. I can’t remember this last suspense novel I read. Well. Until now. Mike Bond’s KILLINGMAINE definitely brought me back into the genre. Full force.

Sam ‘Pono’ Hawkins is a Special Forces vet, living in Hawaii. After having spent time in prison, he does his best to keep his nose clean. However, when he gets a message from an old flame, and is informed her husband has been arrested for murder, and she needs his help, Pono is torn.

Things are never simple. Originally from Maine, he decides he’ll head back and see what he can do about helping. He’s not thrilled about it, though. His old flame ended up marrying a guy from his Special Forces unit. And the guy, Bucky, testified against him in court, getting him sentenced to twenty years in prison for war crimes committed.

Politics have taken over Maine. Big money is being thrown around. The installation of ineffective, and costly wind turbines are going up across the state. Deep pockets are ensuring votes, and land value is quickly decreasing. Animals are absent, and birds are dying. The turbines are big, loud, and bright. Residents are losing their minds.

When Ronnie Dalt, Vice President of lobbying for Maine Environmental Resources is murdered, and the rap pinned on Bucky, Pono has his work cut out for him. His appearance in Maine does not go unnoticed. His digging for answers has triggered alarms. The only way to keep political secrets secret is by getting rid of Pono any way possible.

The quest for truth has Pono not only fighting for his own life, but for the lives of those closest to him. As the net around Pono drops he is down to one last chance at turning the tables. But will it be too little, too late!

Mike Bond is a storyteller. Crisp, clean writing accompanies swift, edgy prose. The dialogue is authentic, and the characters expertly drawn. Everything about this book – from the opening until the ending – is high octane thriller. I am now a Mike Bond fan, and am anxious for more Sam ‘Pono’ Hawkins!

Phillip Tomasso,
Author of the Severed Empire Series, and

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