Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book Review: WOUND TIGHT - Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey
WOUND TIGHT (A Made in Jersey Novel)
M/M Romance

I admit when I heard that the 4th book in the Made in Jersey series was going to be M/M I was a little nervous. I’ve tried to read M/M before and it was not my cup of tea but since this is Tessa Bailey the Queen of everything dirty I went into Wound Tight with an open mind and was not disappointed one bit.
We were introduced to Renner in the third Made in Jersey book, Worked Up. The owner of the factory in Hook, NJ Renner used to not being liked and tries his best to minimize his interactions with his employees. He planned on returning to the city however he still finds himself in Hook to “oversee” the operations of the plant even though he really is not needed.  Head security guard Milo is well liked with the factory staff and is the polar opposite to quiet brooding Renner. Milo takes a personal interest in Renner acting as his personal security guard even though he was never asked to do so. While Renner is open with his sexuality Milo is still insecure and wishes he had the confidence that Renner exudes. Milo opens up to Renner and asks him to help gain some confidence with the goal of attracting a long lost love however things don’t go as planned.
I love tension and angst and this book did not disappoint on that front! The continual power struggle between Renner and Milo added so much depth to the story and truly showed how opposite these two were but at the same time on a basic level they were very much the same. At times I wanted to reach through my kindle and give both of them a smack upside the head as they each were their own worst enemies at times. In the end all of the tension, stubbornness and angst made for an explosive, hot, dirty and surprisingly sweet story for these two complex men.
For those of you who may dismiss this book because it is M/M I beg you to give this one a chance. I went into Wound Tight expecting it to be like the other M/M novels I had read and didn’t enjoy but it was anything but. Tessa knocked it out of the park with her first M/M novel and for all of our smut loving sake I hope it is not her last!

Eliza Wise is a Travel Planner, and mother of 4 school age kids who started reading as an escape from reality and is now an active member of the Indie Romance Community.

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