Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Book Review: THE LAST SACRIFICE, by James A. Moore

James A. Moore
Angry Robot Books, 2017
317 pages
Dark Fantasy

"The gods would be appeased, or there would be nothing left of the world."

THE LAST SACRIFICE is smooth, dark fantasy. What I mean when I say "smooth" is that the tale just flows. There is just enough meat in the descriptions to not bog down the narrative, or slow the pace. Moore doesn't waste words, and keeps it simple and . . . smooth. I was just turning pages as fast as my eyes could devour the words.

Brogan McTyre is returning home with his men, and is anxious to see his wife and three children. When riders greet Brogan on the path, a knot twists in his gut. He doesn't realize what is wrong until he reaches the door to his home and sees the feared four coins on the front step.

The Undying collect four people a month from across the Five Kingdoms. Those chosen are sacrificed to the gods by the Grakhul people. Never have the Undying taken a man's entire family before. The Undying do the will of the gods, but just this one time may have made the biggest mistake of their evil existence.

With a band of loyal friends, and followers, Brogan sets out with hopes of saving his family from the gods before it is too late! The situation quickly goes from dangerous to detrimental, and Brogan and his men take unlawful matters into their own hands.

The end of the world may be coming, but who can fight gods and expect to win in order to save the Five Kingdoms? A new sacrifice might be the only way to end the war, but it may already be too late for even that!

I am embarrassed admitting THE LAST SACRIFICE is the first James A. Moore novel I've read. The man has a list of publications a a page long. Blame falls directly on my shoulders. The only way to rectify a wrong, is to make it right. As a new fan of Moore's work I will be doing my best to read the rest of his works. He's a gifted storyteller, so why wouldn't I?

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire Series,
and The Vaccination Trilogy

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