Friday, February 10, 2017

Book Review: SACRED, by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane
William Morrow, 1997
320 pages
Crime / Private Detective

Back years ago I read MYSTIC RIVER and SHUTTER ISLAND. Loved them. Recently, I decided to read all of Lehane's novels. I will say this, I am absolutely enjoying myself.

SACRED is the third book in the Kenzie & Gennaro series. (Perhaps the most famous is the 4th, GONE, BABY GONE). In this thriller, Kenzie and Gennaro are kidnapped. Stuffed into a trunk. And delivered to their next potential client.

A dying billionaire wants his daughter found. She is depressed, alone, and he is worried about her. To make the case more complicated, the last private eye sent to do the job, Jay Becker, is now missing as well. Worse still, Becker was Patrick Kenzie's mentor.

After being paid an extraordianry amount of money, Kenzie and Gennaro agree to take on the job. Their efforts land them in Florida. Re-tracing the woman's last known whereabouts takes them directly into harm's way.

Nothing is as it seems. Up is down. Front is back. Right is left. The clues uncovered only make the waters more muddied, and it isn't long before Kenzie and Gennaro find themselves in deep, broke, and their very lives hanging in the balance!

A fantastic edition. A fast read. And SACRED only makes me want more! The chemistry between Kenzie and Gennaro is tense, the banter hysterical, and the dynamics dynamite. I cannot wait to read GONE, BABY GONE next!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire Series
and The Vaccination Trilogy

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