Friday, March 31, 2017

Book Review: HAWKE, by Ted Bell

Ted Bell
HAWKE (Alex Hawke #1)
Atria, 2003
438 pages
Suspense / Thriller / Military / Espionage

I love when I discover new-to-me writers. Stumbled across HAWKE accidentally. Read the synopsis. Bought the book. It introduces a new series character, billionaire, ex-Royal Navy man Alexander Hawke. The book gets the action going on page one, and literally keeps a ferocious pace until the last page.

Hawke, because of his past, because of his reach, because of his contacts, because of his unlimited resources is contacted by the authorities for help on a serious matter. One of two Russian submarines have gone missing. These are not ordinary subs. The V shaped machines are equipped with forty armed nukes, twenty per wing. The vessel also has a state-of-the-art cloaking device, making it virtually invisible in the ocean. Once delivery of the war machine is made, stopping any attack would be nearly impossible.

Cubans are the believed buyers. Fidel Castro's reign is in danger. The Telarana are planning a coup. The three de Herreras brothers pose a serious threat to an already unstable country. If they are successful with overthrowing Castro, and get their hands on the submarine, all hell will break lose in America.

Subliminally, Hawke does not realize his path with the de Herrerars crossed once before. The memories of their "meeting" are buried within the subconscious mind. Glimpses of pirates, and hidden treasures are all that remain at the forefront. The details --horrific as they are-- remain buried, and are maybe just too painful to excavate!

Putting together a team of his own, one of trusted friends, and new allies, Hawke embarks on a trek to stop the sale of the submarine and settle old debts. Plans, however, are only as good as the paper they are written on. Variables come from all different directions. With a biochemical bomb hidden on US soil, set to detonate, and the kidnapping of a close friend, Hawke and his band of partners are facing impossible odds. Beating the ticking clock, and an ensuring everyone's safety is just not possible!

Hawke is determined, and will not give up! But will that be enough?

A fantastic novel, with great characters, exotic locations, and a timeless plot! I loved every chapter, and am so thankful there are like eight more Hawke novels in the series.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire Series,
and The Vaccination Trilogy

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