As an Amazon Best Selling author, I know how important reviews are. I started this review site for the purpose of promoting other authors. We are looking forward to posting book reviews, conducting author interviews, participating in book blog tours, and more.

Below are the SIMPLE guidelines for having work reviewed:

In the following genres, Physical Books Only (ARCs are acceptable):

1. Horror
2. Suspense/Mystery
3. Thriller
4. Fantasy
5. Science Fiction
6. Young Adult (in any of the above, plus Dystopian)
7. Children Books

For the below genres, ebooks, pdfs, and Word documents are acceptable, as well:

1. Romance
2. Erotica
3. Poetry

Books will be reviewed in the order chosen by the Reviewer.

ALL reviews will be written with honesty by the Reviewer, and are the opinion of the Reviewer.

We do reserve the right to review, or reject to review ANY book, for ANY reason without explanation.

If you would like to submit a book for review, an author for an interview, add this site to your blog tour, or to advertise on this site, send an email with information.

For book review requests, include the (a) Title (b) Author (c) Publisher (d) Genre (e) page count, and (f) release date . . . Advance Review Copies are absolutely acceptable, and whether a physical book, or ebook.

We reserve the right to change any of the above sentences without prior warning, and without updating this page until a date unspecified in the future. Simple? Awesome.

Email: contact (at) onadarkstormyreview (dot) com

Have an amazing day!

On A Dark Stormy Review

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